Charles Preppernau

Charles Preppernau has Masters degree in geography of Oregon State University. He received his Bachelor of Science in geology in 2004 from California State University Stanislaus. Prior to his studies at Oregon State University, he worked as an illustrator and animator for science textbooks and criminal trials.

Charles’ research interests are in volcanology, risk communication, geographic information systems (GIS), cartographic design, and geovisualization. For his master’s thesis, he is researching the design of volcanic hazard maps. His goal is to develop an intuitive 3D map design that can be quickly tailored to specific communities.


2015 Cartography and Geographic Information Society Map Design Competition: Thematic for the Mt Hood hazard map
2015 National Geographic Award in Mapping competition for the Mt Hood hazard map
2014 runner-up NACIS Student Map Competition


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Map (35 Mb)
DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2015.1120244

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