Non-photorealistic Scree and Rock Drawing

Scree Drawing

Swiss-style scree drawing (the small dots on the map to the right) is a very labor intensive process. Our Scree Painter software is a specialized tool for the automatic generation of scree patterns for topographic maps. Scree Painter fills polygons with scree stones for Swiss-style maps of mountainous areas.

Scree Painter is used by the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo for generating scree dots for their famous map series.
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Digital scree rendering with Scree Painter (swisstopo map 1193 Tödi)

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Rock Drawing

Swiss-style rock drawing for topographic maps requires considerable training and is very time intensive, and automating this process could considerably reduce production costs.
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Manually drawn rock representation (from Imhof, E. (1968) Gelände und Karte)

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