GEO 301
Map and Image Interpretation

Reading, analysis, and interpretation of maps/remote sensing images used by geoscientists. Use of topographic, geologic, nautical and other geoscience maps; basic air photo interpretation.

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GEO 360

An introduction to cartography: Basic cartographic principles; design, compilation, and construction of maps with ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator.

On campus (OSU course catalog) in the fall term by Bernhard Jenny, and online (OSU course catalog) in the fall term by Jenna Tilt.

Course syllabus Fall 2014 (on campus course).

GEO 445/545
Computer-Assisted Cartography

Intermediate course in cartography: Concepts and techniques underlying the production of maps by computer. Practical experience with a variety of computer mapping packages and programming.

Prerequisites are GEO 360 Cartography and MTH 112 Elementary Functions.

On campus (OSU course catalog) in the winter term by Bernhard Jenny.

Course syllabus for Winter 2014

Students in Geo 445/545 Computer-assisted Cartography course past years created the interactive Atlas of the Columbia River Basin and the Atlas of Infectious Diseases for iPads.

See a presentation on the use of iBooks Author to create interactive and educational atlases on YouTube by Brooke Marston and Jane Darbyshire from the Cartography and Geovisualization Group.

GEO 577
Algorithms for Geographic Information Science

This course teaches essential methods, algorithms, and data models for building geospatial software. Students are introduced to raster and vector data models and algorithms for the manipulation and visualization of geospatial data. The first part of this course introduces students to the Java programming language and concepts of object-oriented programming with a focus on geographic data. In the second part of this course, algorithms for modeling, analyzing and visualizing geographic information are discussed and programmed, such as terrain coloring and shading, spatial interpolation for heat maps, raster filter operations, object oriented modeling of points, lines and polygons, space partitioning, or clustering. During the third part of this course, students work on individual projects, applying the concepts of object-oriented programming and the Java programming language to develop software and algorithms preferably related to their thesis research.

Prerequisites: Introductory course to GIS or cartography. Some programming experience is required. GEO 545, GEO 565, or equivalent, as well as GEO 578, GEO 568, or equivalent programming experience. Previous experience with Java is not expected.

On campus (OSU course catalog) in the spring term 2015 by Bernhard Jenny.

Flyer Geo 577 Algorithms for Geographic Information Science
Course syllabus Fall 2015

GEO 568
Interactive Cartography and Geovisualization

This course gives an overview of methods and applications in interactive cartographic visualization and teaches the skills of building customized web mapping applications on the client-side. In the first half of the course, students are introduced to a working knowledge of web programming skills and web mapping frameworks. Cartographic screen design heuristics as well as user interface engineering and evaluation are also discussed. The second half of the course discusses current research topics in interactive and dynamic cartographic visualization, analysis and evaluation.

This course will not be taught in 2014/2015.
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GEO 405/505
Atlas Cartography Research Seminar

Hands-on research and development in cartography.
On campus in the spring term 2014 by Bernhard Jenny.